Some characteristics

Ban-Up offers advisory services to entrepreneurs, ranging from the design of business ideas to consulting for existing and operating companies, to help structure start-ups and make them more appealing, consequently allowing them to rapidly grow.


Ban-Up’s partners are business angels, entrepreneurs professional firms and international companies based in Italy and UK.


A team leader selected among partners and subscribers coordinates the liaison between Epic Sim and the start-ups.


Ban-Up undertakes the crucial role of facilitating the encounter between start-ups and private industry through the partners' network of contacts.

Who we are

Ban-Up has been set up, driven by and thanks to the innovative and farsighted idea of Ban-Up’s Founding Members: Paolo Anselmo, Dario Caleffi and Luca Canepa, on the one side, while on the other, CBA Studio Legale e Tributario. This professional legal firm has been able to understand and combine the various needs of the sector’s players, striking the balance between the “wishes” and “necessities” of the whole ecosystem’s operators, with a view to creating a virtuous growth and innovation model.

Ban-Up’s objective is to create open innovation synergies with SMEs and to lead them towards Epic Sim S.p.A’s digital platform. The latter is in a privileged partnership with Ban-Up.